January 2018 // Plan With Me

Heyyy guys. It’s your friendly neighborhood Cami with a super late January plan with me. But HEY! That’s the beauty of bullet journals. It doesn’t matter when you start, just as long as you do!

Here are the supplies  I used today:


– Sakura Micron Pens (08, 02, 005)
– Winsor & Newton Water Colors (12 Color Palette and Brush Pen)
– Royal Langnickel Brush (Round)
– Zebra Mildlinersl

This month’s theme is called STARRY NIGHT SKY which represents the first night Peter and the Darling children soared over London. As I mentioned in my last video, I’ve picked a universal theme for my notebook which I will link if you guys haven’t seen it yet. On the cover page, I sketched out simple buildings and doodled stars above them. The word January is written in the neatest handwriting I could muster and outlined since I will be filling this in with watercolors later. Underneath is a quote by Pablo Picasso which fits perfectly with my word of the year and the Neverland theme. It says “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”

On the next page, I’ve created a simple calendar layout for the month of January. The header features the same design that I drew on the cover page and it spans across the entire spread. I’ve added a couple boxes to the right for goals I’d like to achieve and tasks that need to be completed by the end of the month. With the little space that I have under the calendar, I drew a habit tracker for the entire month. I haven’t really used these in the past, but I wanted to bring it back and see if I feel different this year.

My first weekly spread will showcase the same header style on both pages. On the left side is my weekly overview and on the right is where I’ll do my daily logs and journal entries. My weekly overview features a mini calendar, two boxes underneath for this week’s and next week’s tasks and a vertical layout of the week so I can visualize and plan my days accordingly.

Now that I’ve finished outlining, I’ll be using my Winson & Newton watercolors to fill in the accent colors on the coverpage and headers. I’ve decided not to try anything fancy with the first month of the year since I am returning to Bullet Journaling after a four month hiatus. Last year, I was too weighed down by my surgeries to keep up with journaling and just focused on getting through recovery. My habits, goals and routines have changed drastically and so I’ll be easing into this notebook just as I will be easing into the year. I’ve honestly taken this bullet journal on as a physical representation of building my life and myself back together with each spread I design and each page I fill out. Documenting this process and sharing it on my channel will not only keep me accountable but will also be a way for me to look back and see how far I’ve come.

I’ll throw you guys over to some music while you watch me paint the rest of the spreads and finish off with some mildliners. See you in a bit!


Finally, here’s a flip through of my Starry Night January Spread. Although the colors were brighter than I anticipated on the last few pages, I’m looking forward to using this simple and clean layout as I organize my tasks for this month. Now I don’t feel so bad being a bit behind!


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