MERMAID LAGOON // February Plan With Me

Hi friends. It’s your friendly neighborhood Cami with Febuary’s Plan With Me! I’m doing this video a bit differently and will be talking more about WHY I chose to design my spreads a certain way. So if you haven’t already, pause the video, grab a drink or journal along with me! Let’s set up February together!

“I’ll think of a mermaid lagoon, underneath a magic moon.” – Wendy Darling (Peter Pan)

It seems appropriate that February was the month I chose to feature Neverland’s beautiful mermaids. To be honest, this was the first spread I wanted to do when I decided that Neverland was going to be my theme for 2018. I was able to incorporate a lot of pinks and feminine touches without it feeling out of place since Valentine’s day is the main holiday for this month. However, Valentine’s day is extra special for me because it’s the day my husband and I got married. We will be celebrating our first official anniversary as husband and wife. Since we eloped in a courthouse last year, we decided that at the end of 2018 we’ll throw a wedding reception to properly exchange vows and celebrate with our friends and loved ones.


On the cover page, I drew a mermaid gently brushing her hands through her long pink and purple hair. She’s wearing some gypsy like jewelry and a flower in her hair. I chose to go with pinks, oranges and purple, but in later spreads I add a pop of teal, which I’ll probably end up adding to the cover page with a metallic gel pen.. Which I’ll have to go out and buy. I’m not sure if any of you guys do the same thing, where you purchase something because the inspiration strikes and you just HAVE to have it? Also, I’m not going to lie, I spent nearly 20 pages in my sketchbook trying to get this one mermaid down. I’m not the best artist and am only starting to get back into drawing, so there were many trials and errors… and I mean MANY… before I got a look that worked for me. It’s part of my process to draft a few versions of a piece so I can get the practice I need before committing it to my journal. I’d like to avoid ripping out pages if possible.


Next I have my monthly spread for February. I kept the full calendar since that was really helpful for me to look back and reference. On the right I kept one large section blank to dump all of the tasks or goals I have for that month. This month, i decided not to go with a habit tracker. Even though I filled it out last month, it felt more like a chore and I was discouraged when I saw how many times I didn’t do a particular habit (excercise… cough). Instead, I drew three boxes whre I’ll pick three things I want to focus doing this month, color code them, and record the habit on each individual day. I used to do this with a white board calendar but after watching tarajayn’s January Plan With Me – I thought wait a minute… this is something I should totally be doing in my Bullet Journal! So kudo’s to her and I’ll link her video in the description


Last month, I realized that I was writing down individual tasks that could have been grouped together. For example, I’m planning to go back to school this year and I still need to change my last name. Instead of having all the tasks scattered across my weekly spreads, I’ll group them into their own section in this Project Pages spread. That way, I’ll be able to reference back to this master list and pull out any tasks that contribute towards the project into the appropriate weeks. I’m also going to use this page for video planning or tracking any skills I’m trying to learn.


Finally, we’re at the first week of February. I’m a bit torn with heavily decorating this week since I only seem to have the time and creative energy to paint in one sitting. It’s hard for me to bust out the watercolors again each week and I end up doing just a simple layouts anyway. Additionally, I’m still trying to figure out what layout works best and I’m starting to believe that each week will require something different. I’m thinking that next month, I’ll have a more simple approach. As always, I start with a mini calendar on the top left of the spread. I’m constantly referencing this and feel it’s crucial in my planning routine to have a quick view of what the rest of the month looks like. Next to the mini calendar, I drew these two branches with my zebra mildliners to call out high level goals I have for the week. The rest of the top section has an overview of the week. The rest of the page is split up into columns for daily rapid logging of tasks that I come up with during the week. I chose to do my weeks this way because for some strange reason, if I set a task to be done by a certain day, I tend to put it off or miss the deadline all together. It’s weird, I never used to be that way but something’s changed and now I stop myself from assigning tasks and just use these boxes to track any events that happened or what’s coming up. It’s one of the greatest freedoms I’ve experienced with the bullet journal system. My ADHD brain hates being limited to a rigid structure and I crave the ability to adapt for efficiency. One tip I’d like to share with everyone is to always be making note of what you find isn’t working and figure out ways to avoid them in the next week or month. This will help streamline your process and make it a more enjoyable experience.

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