TINKERBELL’S WORLD // March Plan With Me

Hi Friends. It’s Cami, back with another Plan With Me video. I’m a bit late in starting because I was SO not ready for February being a shorter month. Was anyone else super caught off guard? Or was it just me? Anyway, before I get started with the Plan With Me, I thought it would be cool to show you guys what I did for my monthly review.

I start off by creating a page dedicated to my review. For my review I flip through last month’s spreads and carefully analyze each page, the layout, the task management and my workflow. The things I take note of are what I want to STOP doing, what I want to KEEP doing and what I should TRY for next month. Then I take some time reflect on this month’s bullet journaling experience.

I wanted to use the next page to document my favorite memories of the month. You can see I make a spelling mistake with February and I was able to correct that by using these adorable sticky notes that my sister-in-law got me for christmas! (Thanks Doria!) I selected a few photos and printed them out on sticker paper. After I’ve arranged the way I want my spread to look, I start peeling and sticking them to the page. I bought this tombow adhesive tape dispenser and it’s held up really well so far on all types of paper materials.

And that’s it for my February Review. Now let’s jump into this Month’s PWM!

For march’s theme I wanted to incorporate my favorite character from the Peter Pan story and also include the color green. This month’s theme is called TINKERBELL’S WORLD.

For those of you that are new to my channel, I decided at the start of the year to go with a single theme for my entire notebook and that theme is NEVERLAND. It’s been really fun taking on the challenge of creatively solving problems to have cohesive themes for each month.

I chose a green/yellow theme for this month since we’ll be celebrating St. Patrick’s day and it’s also the iconic Disney Tinkerbell colors. I’ve doodled some plants as if we’re pixie sized, sitting on the forest floor, and playing in the grass with Tinkerbell. I’m using my sakura micron pens to outline some sketches and colored it in with my winsor & newton cotman watercolors.

I wanted to incorporate a gratitude log to make better use of this first page since I left it blank last month. On the cover page, I wrote MARCH in double boxes and drew some plants growing on top. I also drew Tink carrying a little flower to tie together this month’s theme. I used a mix of green, yellow and gray to create the 50 shades of green (haha get it?). (okay it was more like 4 shades of green). Finishing off the palette with yellows and oranges as the accent colors.

Last month, I found that I was constantly starting new pages for a few lines of notes or ideas and having to fill those blank spots with stickers. Not that there’s anything wrong with stickers, but it does add more bulk to the book. So I wanted to get ahead of that this month by dedicating an entire spread to BRAIN DUMPS. I’ll be using these pages to write down random notes, lists and ideas that don’t quite have a place in my journal. I created a border around both pages of the spread and on the bottom right, I drew Tink flying through the plants and a simple box to write BRAIN DUMP in, painting it in the same way I did the cover page. I’ve also added some planner sticker notes that matched the theme. That way I don’t have to scramble around if I want to write down a quick note and stick it anywhere I need to.

My calendar spread was really unused last month. There was too much decoration and not enough function, so I didn’t really utilize the space and kept neglecting to cross off the days or write down appointments. Since I really need to be better at having one central location for all my events, I re-designed the layout by restricting art to only a few spots and cleaner lines for the calendar boxes. This was a great balance of organization and aesthetics. The space on the left is a free space with the word DEVOTION on top, which is my word of the month. I stayed away from habit or goal tracking for this page because it didn’t help in the past. It was so discouraging missing a target that the negative vibes were never worth the effort of keeping up with it. So I put a motivational quote instead by MORIHEI UESHIBA that says “Loyalty and devotion lead to bravery. Bravery leads to the spirit of self sacrifice. The spirit of self-sacrifice creates trust in the power of love.” This quote really speaks to me because my brother left for the military and is in basic training until May. I’ve been writing letters to him and it’s given me time to reflect on what he’s going through and the impact he’s able to make in the world. I feel that this quote summarizes everything I feel about my little brother as he trains to be a soldier. Oh, and I also make a mistake here, but I cover it up with sticky notes.

This is a spread that I actually used last month because it helped keep my thoughts organized. I created boxes on both pages for me to dedicate to any tasks that can be grouped under a bigger project. For example, I have Travel planning to do, so I dedicated one box for any Travel related tasks. On the bottom right, I decorated a small box in the same floral theme and instead of drawing Tinkerbell again, I made her vandalize the box saying “Tink Wuz Here”. Silly, Tink!

Finally, the weekly spread. This layout has been a work in progress each week and I’m really happy with what I have now. It’s a 2-week setup, with a mini calendar on the top left, a small space for a quote and an overview of the next 2 weeks. Underneath this are 4 columns that I write my daily logs and journals under. This layout has been very flexible and I can combine two weeks worth of notes on one spread. I’ve pre-filled out the weeks for the month and on the last week, I had to squish in Saturday/Sunday, but it wasn’t too bad. Setting up the weeks in advance means less time is spent on setting up pages and I can get right to planning my day. I’m using my light green zebra mildliner to create the headers and have been favoring my MUJI .38 mm gel pen. This weeks’ quote was chosen because I really needed something to help me feel positive and less stressed out. So I chose this one: “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow” by  Helen Keller. If there’s anyone else feeling overwhelmed or beaten down by all the negativity in your life, this quote is for you too. I mean if you think about it, it’s far more pleasant to chose to face the sunshine and keep a light in our hearts than to worry or dwell over things that hasn’t happened. I hope this quote touches your guys’ hearts as much as it touched mine. Also, let me know in the comments of what you guys do to stay positive. I’m open to any and all suggestions!

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